Good Morning America


As one of the original members of the Good Morning America cast, Erma

"Good Morning America" cast
The “Good Morning America” cast.

entertained viewers from 1975-1986 with three-minute bits, mostly humorous. Here’s a sampling of those episodes.


Phyllis Diller on Rodeo Drive: Phyllis Diller dresses up as a nun to go incognito on a shopping spree with Erma. “Why do I get the feeling that today is not going to be a religious experience?” Erma quipped.

If I Had My Life to Live Over Again: Erma offers a heartfelt expression of how she would seize more meaningfulness if given another chance at life. This segment originally aired Nov. 16, 1982.

Rocky: If she is willing to sacrifice and put in long hours of hard work, Erma Bombeck could be the next Rocky Balboa. This segment shows Rocky with a woman’s touch. It originally aired Aug. 6, 1982.

Parties: Erma humorously tackles the problem husbands and wives face at parties: how to know when to leave.

Mother’s Day Card: On the most sentimental day of the year, Erma reads her favorite homemade Mother’s Day cards from a contest. To wit: “When I grow up, I want to be just like you. A nervous wreck.”

Laughter: Laughter is indefinable, but Erma tries.

A “Simpler” Life: Erma travels to a Navajo Indian reservation, where she finds the simple life is not so simple.