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7As a University of Dayton student, Erma Bombeck wrote a number of articles and columns for the University of Dayton News, the student newspaper at the time. Originals are available in the University of Dayton Archives and Special Collections.

“In Hock for Hockey” UD News, Nov 15, 1946 – In the column, Notations, Erma writes about the women’s hockey team.

“On the Responsibility of Columnists…” UD News, Dec 6, 1946 – In the column, Notations, Erma discusses bringing etiquette back to UD columns.

“Poor Mother” UD News, May 9, 1947 – With Mother’s Day approaching, Erma devotes the column, Notations, to mothers.

“Open Letter to Effie, my Royal portable:” UD News, May 23, 1947 – In the column, Notations, Erma writes a letter to her typewriter.

UD News, Oct 31, 1947 – In the column, Notations, Erma writes about big business and advertising.

“Experiences of U.D. Chaplain Come to Light” UD News, Nov 21, 1947 – This article is about Father John Paul Finke, S.M., who was a chaplain in the Army during WWII. After the war, he became an instructor of religion.

UD News, Nov 21, 1947 – In the column, Notations, Erma writes about two of classmates who she describes as “two clean, whole-some average college neurotics.”

“How Coed Barbie and Elf Speak Intimately or Art of Modern Letter Writing” UD News, Jan 16, 1948 – In this article, Erma recreates letters from two coeds.

“Six C.S.M.C Representatives Enjoy Visit to Notre Dame” UD News, Oct 1, 1948 – In this article, Erma writes a recap of the events that happened when the UD delegation of Catholic Students Mission Crusade went to the national convention in 1948.

“Student Initiative Makes Homecoming Day Success” UD News, Oct 29, 1948 – In this article, Erma analyzes the support team behind  a student’s campaign to become the homecoming queen.

“Erma Rides Oakwood Bus Each Morning” UD_News, Nov 19, 1948 – This article is a humorous take and the difficulties of public transportation.

“Confessions of a Faculty Squealer, UD News, Feb 25, 1949 – In the article, Erma looks at students from the perspective of a faculty member.

“Open Letter to My Dean” UD News, May 20, 1949 – In this letter to her dean, Erma attempts to figure out her academic standing, and whether or not she can graduate.

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