Looking for a bibliography of all of Erma’s writing, including her books, introductions to Bombeck at Homebooks, magazine articles, newspaper articles, columns and student writings? It’s here — along with her eighth-grade report card and the original marketing brochure for her syndicated column, which described her as a “fresh comic discovery.”


Erma Fiste’s eighth-grade report card, Emerson Junior High School, 1939-1940

Transcript of panel discussion, “Erma’s Place in Popular American Humor,” Symposium on Popular American Humor, University of Dayton, April 1, 2000

Original brochure used by Newsday, Inc. — Erma’s first syndicate — to promote her “At Wit’s End” column

Note cards with the remarks Erma Bombeck gave upon receiving an honorary degree from the University of Dayton, April 26, 1981

Erma Bombeck: At Wit’s End script, donated by playwrights Allison Engel and Margaret Engel

National Register of Historic Places application and supporting historic documentation, OH_MontgomeryCo_Bombeck, Erma, House_0001Erma Bombeck home in Centerville, Ohio

A May 12, 1980, feature story in People magazine about Erma’s tireless devotion to the campaign for the Equal Rights Amendment. “I liken the ERA to a war in which they forgot to invite the housewives,” she said.

An Oct. 1, 1971, feature story in Life magazine dubs Erma “the Socrates of the ironing board,” noting “the secret of Erma’s walloping appeal is that she is (a) relentlessly, studiously average and (b) very funny.”

Erma’s autograph

Thanks to the generosity of Andy Bombeck, you can find one of his mother’s electric170706  copyshot erma bombeck typewriter for archives  Burgess typewriters — the one that writes funny — in the University of Dayton Archives. Excerpt from Andy’s note:  “When someone from Microsoft tried to talk my mom into using a word processor or a computer, she said she couldn’t be funny on a word processor.”



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